17 Pickett District Road New Milford, CT  06776

Mon-Fri 9:00am to 6:00pm, Sat 9:30am to 6:00pm & Sun 9:30am to 5:00pm - 860.799.6602

Play More…Sit Less...

The Activity Center at The Children’s Movement Center is the premier indoor recreational play facility in the area. The vast array of activities can keep kids engaged for hours. There’s something for everybody and it’s all maintained in an environment that’s CLEAN, SAFE & COMFORTABLE. Our goal is simple, we want happy and healthy kids. We feel exercise through active play is the best way to accomplish that goal, so that’s what we provide. PLEASE NOTE: Participants MUST WEAR SOCKS...no bare feet are allowed in the CMC.

The Activity Center is open 7 days a week
Monday - Friday  ~ 9:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday ~  9:30am - 6:00pm

Sunday ~  9:30am - 5:00pm.


 Toddler Time Pass ~ Toddlers 4 and under pay only $8.00 for Front room and Toddler Zone Monday-Friday 9am-6pm.


 Toddler Time admission is good for the day.


 Discounted Toddler rate NOT available on weekends, Holidays or days New Milford Public Schools are closed.

Front Room Attractions

Ball Pit
Mini Trampoline
Toddler Zone
31' Basketball Bounce House
  Giant Climbing Maze
Toddler Bounce House

Monster Truck

Inflatable Slide

Play Pass



 Full access to all Front Room attractions

and these back room attractions.


 Xer Play Game Room

Inflatbale Obstacle Course

Surf Machine

Birthday Cake Bouncy House


All Access Pass



Full access to all Front and Back Room attractions, as well as
three rides on


  Mighty Sixty Five Foot Zipline

15' Rock Wall (3 trips)


  The Ball Pit

Over 3500 multi-colored balls housed in a clean, child friendly enclosure is a sensory delight for little ones up to 5 years of age. Accessed with shoes off, the ball pit features a state-of-the-art Hygenie system which both fascinates the children and reassures parents. The Hygenie system is a series of suspended clear plastic tubes that whisk the balls away from the ball pit to a machine that scrubs and cleans them using an infrared cleaning system, before returning them from an overhead dispenser. The kids love to watch the balls being carried back and forth, and parents are comforted by the fact that the entire pit is emptied and scrubbed from top to bottom three times each week.



 TheToddler Trampoline

Fully enclosed just like its bigger cousin, our toddler trampoline is designed for individual use by the younger children. It offers the same bouncy fun, but in a smaller, more controlled setting that limits the risk, and yet still provides the rebounding fun that makes trampolines such hit.




The Toddler Zone

The Toddler Zone:  Our little ones sometimes need a little room to play without the older kids running by them, making them nervous or bumping into them. For those kids we’ve created the Toddler Zone.  Our Little Tikes Village, ball pit, toddler trampoline and birthday cake bouncy house are buffered from the older kids by a fence which separates our Toddler Zone from the rest of our front room play area. Everybody still gets to play, we just take things a little slower and put everybody’s mind more at ease


The Climbing Maze

Our Maze is a hit with kids of all ages. Over 50 feet long, 16 feet wide and stretching to the ceiling, our maze has tunnels, slides, obstacles to climb over, under and through until you reach the top, where everyone can play on the gigantic activity balls…and then try to figure out how to get down! The maze can be climbed either with or without shoes on, and we welcome all parents to join in on the fun.






 The Bouncy Houses

  We keep two bouncy houses available at all times. For the younger crowd, our Birthday Cake is able to hold up to 8 children ages 5 and under at the same time. For those slightly larger kids, our Monster Truck provides the same bouncy fun, but it allows us to separate by size, keeping everybody safe, happy, and protected.





 The inflatable Obstacle Course

 Our newest addition in the CMC is our inflated obstacle course. Whether you are climbing over/under/around and then down the slide by yourself, or racing against friends, it’s a fun energy burner. Moms and Dads are welcome too! When you go side by side against your child and try to beat ‘em from one end to the other, don’t be surprised if you’re more tired than they are. It’s a great workout!



The Sensory Swings

We have several different sensory swings that are available to kids of all shapes and sizes. The Swing is a series of concentric rings that are mounted together for climbing and swinging. The Platform is just what it sounds like, a large sit or stand-on platform with handles that allows children to rock back and forth, or spin, in various positions, alone or with a friend. The taco swing is a soft material that folds together around children so they can nestle comfortably and relax. We’ve got others too, and we change them periodically to keep the kids interested.




 15 foot Rock Wall

Our 15 foot rock wass is a floor to celiling challenge your kids will love! Kids will get harnessed up and have the oppurtunity to work their way up to the top to ring the bell. A bult in repelling system will give them a safe ride down.





31 foot Basket Ball Bounce House

Sports enthusiats will love this fun ride. Hold a basketball shootout, Dunking contest or try your skills at dunking the ball while bouncing from one end of the court to the other!




The Surf Machine

Whether your child already has great balance and coordination, or needs to work on it, our surf machine is a fun place to play. Surrounded by a giant 13 foot high wave of inflated cushioning, the surf machine is a challenge we adjust for anyone. With bare feet gripping the board, the ride starts out slowly and progresses gradually. One by one, they all fall, but when they land on the bouncy cushioning around them, they’re all laughter and smiles. It’s a great time.




 The Zip Line

Everybody LOVES to ZIP! Climb the launch tour, get buckled in, and zoom off 65 feet across the room to the landing pad. We’ve got the longest indoor zip line you’ll find in Connecticut and it’s perfectly safe. You can’t fall – you’re harnessed in. It’s just plain fun. The laughs, smiles and shrieks of joy that we hear as kids of all ages fly across the room tell you why it’s our most popular attraction.




The Xer Play System

It’s a series of targets mounted on the wall. They light up, they “beep”, “boop” and play music. The Xer play system keeps kids running with group or individual games. Kids chase the lights and knock them out. It’s great fun and anyone can play. We’ll keep score if you like, but mostly we’ll keep you moving. That’s what it’s all about.


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The Children's Movement Center - 17 Pickett District Road / New Milford, CT  06776  860-799-6602